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Water Treatment Services

Equipment Site Survey
Gulf Engineering will visit your site and record the physical details of your equipment. We will evaluate its condition and note any special circumstances. We will analyze the water you’ll be using for makeup and discover your special needs. Gulf water treatment will quiz you on any special operating practices, schedules or details. Gulf Engineering will seek to understand and accommodate your situation rather than rushing to start pumping a drum of one-size-fits-all.
Water Treatment Program Selection
After understanding your situation, your needs and your water, Gulf Engineering water treatment specialists will design a water treatment program for you and each of your systems. We will work together with you to make sure this program fits your needs and obtains the longest life for your equipment and the lowest operating costs now.
Chemical Feed System Design
We will take your practices and behavior into account as well as your equipment particulars in designing a chemical feed system that will provide the proper treatment regimen. We use modern, reliable programmable hardware to properly feed the treatment products at the optimal rates.
Water and Scale Analysis
The composition of the scale or deposits is usually diagnostic of the particular problem you have and can indicate immediately what steps need to be taken to correct your situation. We can analyze your deposits and recommend treatments as well as carry them out.
System Clean-Out
They are several reasons to clean a system with products other than those used in normal maintenance. Sometimes a correct diagnosis is necessary to arrive at a proper cleaning procedure. The electrochemistry can be complex when strong acids and bases are used in multi-metal systems.
Boiler Lay-up
If your boiler will be idle for some time it needs a special shut-down procedure and proper treatment to prevent corrosion of surfaces.
Our service technicians will check your system at regular intervals depending on your needs, but some operators, owners or engineers want to have more frequent evaluations. We can train you to analyze the various samples and to perform routine maintenance in between our visits.

Be very careful of companies that always come in with a low bid. They won’t do all this for you. They may cost you more in the long run. A lot more.