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Water Treatment

Whether you have a small chiller or the largest boilers and cooling towers around, Gulf Engineering can help you keep your systems running at peak performance. Our service technicians will examine your system, analyze your water and determine your water treatment needs. We will design a service program and select products that meet your needs. Gulf technicians will check your system and its operation at the proper service intervals and alert you to any concerns or findings in written reports. Our service and products focus on preventing corrosion, deposits and microbial effects and minimizing water and energy use.

We fight corrosion so that your equipment will have a long service life and maintain the value you paid for.

We fight scaling and deposits that interfere with heat transfer and greatly increase your costs for energy – especially important with today’s rising energy prices.

We fight microbial growth and activity so surfaces stay clean and your systems will be free from algae, mold and infectious organisms such as Legionella pneumophila.


If Gulf Engineering has not been your water treatment service provider, you may have deposits in your system that hinder heat transfer and increase your energy costs. We can clean it out so you can start fresh. We can show you the clean system and educate you about how it should look this way all the time so that it works this way all the time.

We can analyze your water samples or scales and deposits to determine what is causing the problems you see. Our water analysis methods are industry standard and driven by our relentless effort to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. If you desire, we can also provide you with the equipment, reagents and training to analyze your own samples on a more frequent basis than our scheduled service visits.

Our Gessco water treatment products have been developed through our years of experience. Our products are continually reviewed and updated to take advantage of new technology and to meet increasingly stringent customer demands and government regulations.

Gulf Engineering is a member of Associated Laboratories, a consortium of 18 regional water treatment companies with the highest standards and able to provide nationwide service to companies with nationwide needs.