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Diesel Supplemental Cooling Additive Packages from Gulf Engineering

Keel Kool™ – is a superior corrosion and scale inhibitor for multi-metal cooling systems in today’s marine diesel engines, keel coolers, radiators, heat exchangers and all cooling systems. The advanced nitrite-borate formula lays down a self-healing protective coating on all the metal surfaces and lubricates these surfaces, water pumps and other moving parts. Keel Kool™ is engineered to protect against cavitation corrosion and pitting problems found in modern high-speed diesel engines, especially on the liners. The indicator system looses its red color when the acidity from blow-by finally builds up to levels where corrosion protection is lost. The system should be retreated when this occurs. Keel Kool™ provides multi-metal corrosion protection and is compatible with seals, gasket, hoses and other elastomeric components. Keel Kool™ is also recommended for stationary diesel engines powering generators. An available nitrite test kit lets you monitor and maintain proper nitrite levels for complete protection.

Gessco™ 500 – protects against cavitation corrosion/erosion caused by the high speed motion in modern diesel engines. Resists acid corrosion due to cylinder blow-by. Low-foaming formulation reduces cavitation and provides a protective heat-transfer film on the metal surfaces to inhibitor corrosion. Potent nitrite-borate formulation thoroughly protects the entire water jacket surface. Keeps water pumps clean and lubricated. An indicator dye tells when corrosion protection is starting to decline, although an analytical test kit for nitiite is a more accurate method for knowing when to retreat.

Gessco™ 570 – offers all the benefits of Keel Kool™ but in a more concentrated form. Higher levels of nitrite and other anti-corrosion components make it easer to maintain a fleet of large-volume cooling systems. While the indicator dye loses its red color as the corrosion protection drops, a more quantitative nitrite test kit lets you maintain proper nitrite levels.

Gessco™ 9500 Nitrite Drop Test Kit – lets you accurately monitor the nitrite level in your coolant so that your engine coolant protection does not lapse.