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Cleaners, Descalers, and Degreasers

Knock Out™ Degreaser – a spray-on wash-off aqueous degreaser for equipment, tools and surface preparation. Aqueous blend of biodegradable surfactants.

CitRam™ Biodegradeable Descaler – a unique, liquid citric acid-based descaler. Far more concentrated than other citric acid formulations. Surfactants wet the surfaces completely for scale removal. Not as aggressive towards metals as other acids or chelants.

Gessco™ 612 Neutral Flush-out and Cleaner – Concentrated blend of phosphates and low-foam wetting agents to remove grease, mill scale, dirt and other debris from air-conditioning and heating equipment before being put into service. Also cleans any system that has become fouled with sludge, dirt and deposits.

Gessco™ 620 Descaler – A sulfamic acid-based descaler to remove calcium and magnesium carbonate scales from equipment with an inhibitor to minimize metal removal. Safe for stainless, galvanized and mild steels, as well as seal and gasket materials. Recommended for boilers, evaporators, heat exchange equipment, air-conditioning equipment and engine water jackets.

Gessco™ 650 Descaler – a citric acid-based, biodegradable cleaner to remove calcium carbonate and other hardness scales from evaporators, cooling towers and other industrial equipment.