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Gulf Engineering has the experience and equipment to provide almost any type of welding you will need. Our welding department offers approximately 200 ASME Qualified welding procedures. We perform the common types of welding such as oxy-acetylene, electric arc, submerged arc, stick, flux-cored, metal-inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) as well as more exotic methods and materials. Gulf Engineering's expertise and ingenuity even led to the development of our patented GEWELD© salvage and repair welding system (U.S. 4,948,936) that restores damaged and worn rotating equipment shafts - without disassembling of most rotors!

Gulf's patented GEWELD© process repairs and restores rotors without disassembly

Gulf Engineering provides several cutting technologies for metals and other materials. Plasma cutting is a high-tech process in which a high-velocity stream of ionized gas particles can cleanly and quickly cut through 1 inch or more of conductive materials such as steels and non-ferrous metals. Air-carbon arc cutting and gouging melts the metal as in electric arc-welding but a high-pressure air stream directed at the surface below the melt zone blows away the molten metal. This leaves a clean cut that needs minimal preparation for welding or machining. Gulf Engineering also offers friction cutting of most materials where friction generated by a very high speed band saw with a special blade heats, melts and carries away the material.

Besides cutting and joining metal pieces the surface of a piece or just a small region can be modified to meet certain requirements. Using metal spraying or plasma spraying techniques a metal surface can be coated with materials conveying different corrosion, hardness, wear, friction or electrical conductivity characteristics. Another common reason for applying more metal is to build up a shaft, bearing or other wearing surface in preparation for machining to its original dimensions. In thermal metal spraying a wire of the desired metal for coating is fed into a melting chamber and high velocity gas carries molten droplets on the surface where they flatten and cool. The entire surface of a piece can be coated or just a small portion, like a bearing surface. Common metals applied are stainless steels, bronzes, bronzes and babbitt. Plasma spaying can apply ceramic materials such as chromium oxide which is extremely hard and can be machined to very smooth finish.