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Web Resources for Machining, Welding, Balancing and More

MMS Online
An online version of ModernMachineShop provides information for metalworking in North America including equipment reviews, expert advice and a multitude of industry resources.
Welding.com was established to bring together buyers and sellers of welding products, to provide education about welding, useful tips and a roster of welding organizations.
CNCzone is dedicated to the growing number of home, do-it-yourself and hobbyist CNC machinists so they can discuss CAD/CAM software, professional machinery, electronics, mill conversions, lathe conversions and much more.
Virtual Machine Shop
Virtual Machine Shop is a not-for-profit project, designed and maintained by volunteers from industry and academia, that is dedicated to the perpetuation of machine tool knowledge and training.
Metal Shop Essentials
A recent book summarizing much instruction and wisdom about modern machine shop operations is available at Metal Shop Essentials.